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Lost in Translation - Hannah Schaeffer College Writing Lost...

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Hannah Schaeffer College Writing Lost in Translation In Sofia Coppola’s film called Lost in Translation, two people meet in monstrously overwhelming Tokyo, Japan. Coppola demonstrates through quick cross-cut shots of wide angles and close-ups that this couple was destined to be together, simply because they found each other in such a crowded location. Bob Harris has just left the hotel, believing that he will most likely never see Charlotte again. He is sitting morosely in the car that is driving him to the airport, when he suddenly finds her in the midst of a marketplace, with several people surrounding her. The camera is focused on Charlotte as she slowly walks in the opposite direction. He rolls down the window and stares in amazement for a couple of seconds, and then urgently tells the driver to let him out of the car. The next shot shows the street that Charlotte is walking down, but she is not visible. Coppola did not make her visible to the audience in this shot because she is attempting to portray the fact that she is still walking in the opposite direction of Bob, and that he could potentially lose her in the crowd. The next shot shows him walking frantically down the street in the midst of a large crowd of
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Lost in Translation - Hannah Schaeffer College Writing Lost...

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