BonVoyage - Carl Martin Scene Analysis: Bon Voyage Although...

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Carl Martin Scene Analysis: Bon Voyage Although subtle, the technique used in Bon Voyage helps portray the intensity of the plot through kinetic cuts and tightening closeups. Even in the absence of music, the cinematography compensates in order to portray the frustration felt by the characters and the overarching sense of urgency. For what may seem a relatively short scene, the director manages to fill each shot with meaning that propels the plot and the audiences understanding of the characters. To begin with, the scene depicts the confrontation between the minister of the interior of the French government and a scientist, the professor, aided by his assistant, Camille. The professor and Camille are trying to escape France with the only samples of heavy water so that they do not slip into the hands of the invading Nazi army. In order to do so, the professor must attain permission from the minister, yet the minister has ulterior motives and does not want the heavy water to leave the country. The scene begins with the three characters entering a classroom that has been taken over by the government, the camera tracking them as they walk, and eventually ending with the minister in frame, facing the professor. The lighting in this shot, particularly in regard to the minister, foreshadows that his news will not be good. Due to the windows of the room being the only source of light, the ministers face is in relative shadow, as his back is towards the windows. The professors noble intent is also highlighted by the lighting, as he is directly in the light. The end of the shot does not include Camille
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BonVoyage - Carl Martin Scene Analysis: Bon Voyage Although...

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