2007 Final Exam Answers

2007 Final Exam Answers - Bio2600 Introduction to Cell...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio2600: Introduction to Cell Biology Dec., 2007 FINAL EXAM (80 Questions total) Section 1: Complete each of the following sentences with one of the two words found in the square brackets [A. / B. ]. 1. While both play a role in establishing the identity of intracellular organelles, the major determinant of organelle identity is the specific composition of (A. phospholipids/B. proteins) within the membrane. 2. New plasma membrane re aches the cell surface by [A. regulated/B. constitutive] secretion. 3. Nucleosomes are present in [A. prokaryotic/B. eukaryotic] chromosome s. 4. DNA polymerase adds nucleotides to the [A. 5'-phosphate/B. 3'-OH] group of the growing strand. 5. Each respiratory enzym e complex in the electron-transport chain has a (A. lesser/ B. greater) affinity for electrons than the one immediately before it. 6. The majority of a cell's energy content is represented in the concentration of [A. pyruvate/ B. acetyl-CoA] in the cell. 7. A cell just finishing cytokinesis enters a phase called [A. G1/B. G2]. 8. Since microvilli at the tip of an epithelial cell can be retracted using myosin, their internal core most likely consists of [A. microfilaments/B. intermediate filaments]. 9. Many bacterial genes contain a region known as a(n) [A. operator/B. promoter] to which a specific gene regulatory protein (not sigma) binds. 10. In most cell types, [A. pinocytosis/B. phagocytosis] is primarily responsible for counteracting the membrane expansion caused by secretory activity. 11. In animals, the [A. Na +/B. H+] gradient is often used to help transport other essential nutrients into a cell. 12. In eukaryotic cells, n early all cell membrane is initially formed in the [A. Endoplasmic Reticulum/B. Golgi]. 13. Steroid hormones bind to receptors present (A. in the cytosol/B. on the plasma membrane). 14. The NADH molecule(s) p roduced during glycolysis yield more energy when used in (A. the cytosol/ B. the mitochondria). 15. Microtubules and [A. i ntermediate filaments/ B. microfilaments] polymerize using very similar mechanisms. 16. Of the two kinds of ce ll death, [A. necrosis/B. apoptosis] is an important part of normal developmental processes. Page 1, v1 17. In a protein with a si ngle alpha-helix transmembrane domain, most of the amino acids in this region are [A. hydrophobic/B. hydrophilic]. 18. [A. Introns/ B. Exons] contain protein-coding information. 19. During mitosis [A. kin etochore/B. aster] microtubules establish contact with and help separate chromosomes. 20. [A. Heterochromatin/B. Euchromatin] is an area of a chromosome more accessible to transcription machinery. 21. The in active form of a protease used in apoptosis is called [A . procaspase/B. caspase]....
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2007 Final Exam Answers - Bio2600 Introduction to Cell...

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