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LECTURE NOTES HIST 102 Pre-World War I 200 years ago, nations were building their own identities, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc. didn’t exist as an entity just yet Nationalism was a child of the French Revolution, and is connected to Romanticism Enlightenment caused people to look into the outside external world Romanticism - hippies found creativity, an emergence of this occurred w/ Goya in Spain, and Heine in Germany Seneca Falls Convention- 1848, meeting of American women interested in women’s rights. Susan B Anthony, etc. Right to equal education, the right to sue and be sued, the right to gain custody of children after a divorce, the right to make contracts, the right to start a business, the right to vote, etc. Margaret Fuller - started a magazine called Dial, took definitive stands for women’s rights; once wrote in an editorial that she wishes she were a man Beethoven - dedicated the 3 rd symphony, Eroica, heroic symphony to Napoleon Bonaparte; “you too are just human”; 6
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Unformatted text preview: th symphony dedicated to nature Goethe- a romantic Institutions must evolve organically Dialectic- Marxist, communism will prevail because everything will synthesize so the proletariat, the working class, will rule; picked up the idea from Hegel Tito- above rationale and ethnic tensions, united Jugoslavia Degal Prussia- abolished serfdom, instituted ideas of loyalty to the state and the culture of the state, cultures were open to all the classes Austrian Empire- Balkans were relatively happy during the empire, but turbulence started after the dissolution. Slavs didn’t want to learn German or Magyar (Hungary) Louis Napoleon Bonaparte- emerges, calls an election for president, is elected president, gets the assembly to give him dictator powers, and he takes authority over France Florence Nightengale- mother of nursing, developed modern nursing techniques to combat dysentery and treat battle wounds...
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