Dante- study guide for final

Dante- study guide for final - INFERNO I Finds himself in a...

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I Finds himself in a dark wood because he lost his way on the true path. Finds light and goes to it, to meet 3 beasts, a leopard, lion and wolf so he must turn back. Back in the forest, he meets Virgil who will be his guide. II Calls upon the muses for inspiration and help in writing his story. He can recall only two men who have ever ventured into the afterlife and returned: the Apostle Paul, who visited the Third Circle of Heaven, and Aeneas, who travels through Hell in Virgil’s Aeneid. Holy trio that watches over Dante in heaven- Virgin Mary, St. Lucia, and Beatrice. Beatrice asked Virgil to be Dante’s guide. III D & V reach the Gate of Hell which reads, “abandon all hope, you who enter here.” Once they enter, they are in the ante-Inferno, where the souls of the uncommitted, people who did neither good or evil reside. Flies bite them, and worms eat their blood and tears. Neutral angels stay here, who sided with neither God or satan in the war in heaven. Virgil takes Dante to the Aecheron River where dead souls wait to be taken across by Charon and his boat. Earthquakes and fire erupts, and Dante faints. V Minos listens to the sinners confessions and wraps his tail around himself the number of times corresponding to the circle of hell they must reside in. This is the 2 nd circle of hell for the lustful. He faints after hearing Francesca’s story. Punishment : winds toss the souls about ceaselessly through rain to represent them being carried away by their passions. People : Cleopatra, Paolo and Francesca, Helen. VI 3 rd Circle of the Gluttonous. Cerberus is the 3-headed dog that sees over the circle. Punishment : sewage rains upon the bodies that must writhe on the ground People: Ciacco a political figure who predicts Florence’s political future. Tells Dante about the other political figures that are further in hell. IX They come to the gate of the city of Dis, which is lower Hell. They were initially denied access but then 3 furies, half woman half serpent call for medusa to turn him into stone. A messenger from heaven crosses the river Styx to demand the gate to be opened so they can enter the gate of Dis and the 6 th circle of hell of the Heretics. X 6 th circle of Hell, for the Heretics who believed the soul died with the body. Punishment : the Heretics can only see distant things because in live they could only see what was near and tangible People : Epicurians, Farinata the political leader, Guido Cavalcanti’s daddy XI 7 th circle, really stinky, those who were violent. Subdivided into 3 smaller circles: sins of violence against the neighbor, oneself, and God. Punishment:
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Dante- study guide for final - INFERNO I Finds himself in a...

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