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Chem 361/461 and Bio 366 Quiz 1 INSTRUCTIONS : A) You must use a number two pencil to enter the answers in the scantron . B) Make sure that the I.D. number, name (last and first) and test form (use form A) fields are properly filled. The I.D. number field should contain ten digits - you may choose a variation of your Student’s ID number, SSN or phone number starting with the area code. 1. The following amino acid structures are, from left to right, A) Asp, Glu, His B) Arg, Tyr, Gly *C) Lys, Arg, His D) Ser, Cys, Lys E) Asp, His, Ser
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2. Name amino acids that are positively charged at a neutral pH. *A) lys and arg B) his, arg, and cys C) cys and met D) lys, arg, and pro E) arg, glu, and his 3. What charged groups(s) are present in glycine at a pH of 7? A) NH 3 + B) COO - C) NH 2 + *D) answers a and b E) answers a, b, and c 4. Hydrogen bonds are important in the biochemistry of life because they
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Unformatted text preview: _______. A) have a high energy content, on the order of 100 kcal/mol (418 kJ/mol) B) are relatively minor and don’t have an effect on ions C) negate the influence of van der Waals interactions *D) can be numerous and thus contribute a significant effect when interacting with a biomolecule E) none of above 5. In a biological situation, if one were to “design” an enzyme that brings two oppositely charged molecules together in order to promote their reacting with one another, then one would most likely make the active site so that __________. A) the reactants are bound in a hydrophobic pocket B) the reactants are bound in a hydrophilic pocket C) water is excluded from the active site D) water is readily available to the active site *E) answers a and c...
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2008Quiz1withanswers - A have a high energy content on the...

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