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Fall 2007 Prelim 1 Review Questions

Fall 2007 Prelim 1 Review Questions - o P2.3.2 4 Modify...

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CS100 M Review Questions for Prelim 1 1. Be sure to review all the lecture examples, section/lab exercises, and homework problems! 2. Short Questions: Smith textbook, pp110-111, questions 1-5, 7. Note that we have focused so far on the logical AND (&&) and OR (||) operators. We will use & and | later. 3. Questions from FVL: o P1.3.1 o P1.3.2 o P2.1.6
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Unformatted text preview: o P2.3.2 4. Modify lecture example SqrtWhile.m to include graphics. In each iteration draw the rectangle using function DrawRect. Draw the rectangles side-by-side, lining up the top of the rectangles. 5. Write a program fragment to determine whether a user input value x is prime. Display the value and either "is prime" or "is composite."...
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