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English 103 Journal 2

English 103 Journal 2 - I find that in the context of the...

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Located in Genesis 3 paragraph 15 of the King James translation of the Bible, the word enmity is used with great care. Honestly i had no idea what the meaning of this word meant before I looked it up. Defined by Webster's Dictionary enmity is "the state of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something." This literal translation of the word would be known as its denotation. The most common connotation of this word is a negative one. You can just feel the way it rolls off of your tongue its almost as though your mouth frowns before your even finished saying it. Now this passage of Genesis 3 located in the New Living Translation is worded quite differently. Instead of using the word enmity the word hostility is used. This also has both a negative denotation and connotation. Although this is true, I feel as though the word hostility is not as harsh sounding as enmity.
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Unformatted text preview: I find that in the context of the rest of the paragraph the use of enmity is much more effective than hostile. The Contemporary English Version of the Bible has yet another translation for this passage. In place of the word enmity, they utilize the word war. I feel like this is not the accurate description of the purpose of the passage. The use of the word enmity enhances the bitterness of the sentence. Considering that the word war still contains negative connotation and denotation, it doesn't accurately portray the end goal. In the end I feel as though the strongest translation is still the King James Version. Although the meaning of the word is not concrete to me, the passion felt through the writing is strongest through the King James Version. Hostile and war fall victim to the whirlwind that is enmity....
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