April 1st Notes

April 1st Notes - ⁃ Psychological Science Develops ⁃...

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Psychology Notes 4/1 Applied Learning Assignment Due whenever the hell i want it to be Topic: Module 1 the History and Scope of Psychology Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes Behavior- Anything a living being does Mental Processes- Perceptions, thoughts, feelings, etc. Prescientific Psychology Buddha and Confucius Socrates and Plato Aristotle Descartes Sir Francis Bacon John Locke Empiricism ( knowledge comes from experience) Psychological Science is Born Wilhelm Wundt Edward Titchener Structuralism William James Functionalism Mary Whiton Calkins Margaret Floy Washburn
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Unformatted text preview: ⁃ Psychological Science Develops ⁃ Ivan Pavlov ⁃ Sigmund Freud ⁃ Jean Piaget (children's development) ⁃ John Watson and B.F. Skinner ⁃ Maslow and Rogers ⁃ Contemporary Psychology ⁃ The Nature-Nurture Issue ⁃ Charles Darwin ( Natural Selection ) ⁃ Evolution ⁃ Psychology's 3 Main Levels of Analysis: ⁃ Biological ⁃ Psychological ⁃ Social-Cultural ⁃ Psychology's Current Prospectives ⁃ Neuroscience ⁃ Evolutionary ⁃ Behavior Genetics ⁃ Psychodynamic ⁃ Behavioral ⁃ Cognitive ⁃ Social-Cultural ⁃ Psychologist (Ph. D.) ⁃ Psychiatrists (M.D.)...
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April 1st Notes - ⁃ Psychological Science Develops ⁃...

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