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Notes 1/16/08 Interview Project Ask about why they are in engineering or any scientific area and interests in new things going on. Use Web science database. Need to find out about key players in New Science. You will extend what is told to you in the interview to a larger realm. 750 words is about 5 paragraphs. An exact word count will not be used. If you think of yourself as journalists when you write for a journal they will give you a word count. Be sure to carefully consider your interview strategies.
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Unformatted text preview: WEB 2.0 Theres a lot of work going on in what is the second version of the web. Ex. Wikipedia everyone can go and edit it. Functions regulate what goes on the wiki page. Blogs, commenting on them, the use of wikis and open source info are all Web 2.0. We see Web 2.0 coming much more into the academic setting. Interview Notes Tristan is from the virgin islands. He is doing computer engineering. Wants to do a 5 year program or go to graduate school....
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