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A Chindogu should be original and non-derivative. If it’s a basic invention it may only have one function. A good Chindogu should have multiple uses – going beyond the surface level definition of “sophisticated.” “The Chindogu Champion” Chindogu makes people creative by combining different aspects into one. On the surface they seem to be silly inventions. If one analyzes them in depth one notices that they provide answers to social and philosophical questions. Chindogu is a phenomenon because we are taking a fresh perspective on it. We usually see things for the way they are. In a Daoist way it is elliptical thinking – makes it interesting. Chindogu miss out on their true purpose – spiritual philosophy – enriching lives and bringing people together. A strong element is taking time to make your own creation. Analog – analogous but have a purpose. The critical thinking process is what leads to new and great inventions.
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Unformatted text preview: Kawakami likes Chindogu for the spiritual and philosophical process and as well for the creative element as well. “Ways of Seeing” The subjects of artworks are filtered through the eyes of their creators. We accept these images knowing that they are not the real thing. Seeing comes before words. We develop the sense that because we can see, we can be seen. Images can outlast what they represent. Images are more rigid and precise than literature. When we see images as works of art we make assumptions. Magritte – “Key of Dreams” – cognitive dissonance – Difference between the way things are and the way that we want them to be, we all struggle with it in critical thinking and many areas of our lives. When we look at a painting and do not understand it the relationship between text and image here is dissonant and we struggle with the way we want things to be. What we know about a painting can affect our interpretation....
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