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Notes 10/31/07 “Photographs are a grammar and more importantly, an ethics of seeing” – Sontag This point is similar to what Barthes is saying. One of the things Barthes is saying is that before we had written language we had pictographs . The way we had a chronology of time was through hieroglyphics. We wrote in images and there was a grammar to the images. Then we began to use symbols – they were characters. If you think of other languages like Mandarin Chinese – their language consists of 4000 characters! The characters then became letters, words and so forth. It’s really hard to see text without some sort of media. Even in class notes one doodles. “What is the signifying structure of Illustration? Does the image duplicate certain information given in the text by phenomenon of redundancy or does the text add fresh information to the image?” We are forming a chain of floating signifiers that create meaning for the audience. Discussion of the IMT project
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