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Notes 1/28/08 When you do a science article you research internet presence and all things going on and critique and evaluate it when writing. You need to look at controversies and the big questions. Part of that is being able to analyze a writer’s rhetoric. You have to be able to analyze the rhetoric (characteristics of the writing) employed by the author. You need to look at how they write, express their ideas and use critical thinking skills. This is all science information literacy. Are they writing to persuade, sway popular opinion, report the results of their own scientific research and experimentation? Methods? Research?
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Unformatted text preview: Results? Conclusion? There are various things to consider when you see a text ( also includes other media). You can look at a sign on the wall and anything and absolutely analyze it’s rhetoric and why it is and what’s behind it. Even when you peer review you analyze according to specific criteria how they did what they did and why. Most people can write well but the key to effective composition is critical thinking. It is far more challenging, difficult and significant....
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