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Wikis 2808 - web content Reluctant to contribute Accuracy...

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Wikis 2/8/08 Challenges Wikis conflict with traditional assumptions about authorship and intellectual property. Before only experts were trusted with news. Now that isn’t the case. This is called transparency – being able to see through something, everyone is participating equally in what everyone is doing. This term is metaphorical. We are working as a community. Web 2.0 has replaced the Old Web in which content was limited to developers and limited others. Web 3.0 is being talked about. New web – unlimited contributors to web content, everyone can participate in
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Unformatted text preview: web content Reluctant to contribute Accuracy of contribution Repurposing & Remediation – two terms heard widely about New Media If someone writes something and you feel like you can’t write it any better Must cite & acknowledge CREATIVE COMMONS CC Lack of confidence Worried about receiving credit You work away from ego centered writing to audience centered writing There’s a wiki war Don’t like others altering their work Discomfort with Public audience...
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