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Wiki_Project_Notes 13008

Wiki_Project_Notes 13008 - working toward the same goal...

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Wiki Project Notes 1/30/08 You will need to survey – go out and look at a variety of sources and figure out what’s going on about a topic in new science. This project is across 4 sections. Famous scientists will be willing to talk to you. The project lasts the whole semester. Benchmark due dates are in the syllabus. The final wiki is due at the end of the term. Will be working on other projects simultaneously. Wikis are an open system. Can edit, change, move, add, delete anything. It’s a form of social software. It’s an open source. You can rename another section with a more academic name. We are all
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Unformatted text preview: working toward the same goal. You’re participating fully and not just on the things that you are required to do. This is a big project and its worth 25% of the grade. How many ppl work on a project will be determining how the project is graded. Everyone needs to create an account or else it will use your IP. HW: 1) Post top ten topics to blog – why you are interested? What’s interesting about them? 2) Post comments to two other blogs – any blogs … 3) Create wiki account...
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