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Wiki Project Notes 2/13/08 Wiki 1. Survey, research, topic and write about your findings (the science itself) Controversies, questions, foundations - where it came from and how it evolved, research (current), implications, future implications 2. Analysis of how that material is presented to various audiences… BIG QUESTIONS - What kind of “text” is it? Text can be website, scientific or scholarly literature, visuals, etc - Does it report on experimental research? On field observations? On analysis of a process? - What were the key questions the researchers tried to answer? - What was their methodology? That is, what did they do to try and answer those questions? - What were the results? - How did the results amplify understanding of the subject under scruitiny? - Were the findings major? Minor? (your opinion may differ from the researchers) In the analysis and writing and critical thinking your opinion comes through. You can include your
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Unformatted text preview: opinion as long as you justify it with real facts. In asking the BIG questions, you are merging the two main modes of writing and thinking. An argument is intellectual and comes from a thinking place and you look for evidence from other sources to support it. You use reasons, evidence and logic. Opinion is personal, comes from word and image choices, other choices about language, choice of examples. When we talk about science journalism we like to think that journalists are objective. But a lot of times they need to write according to the whims of their author or editor. Google Scholar is a good way of finding information. When you read an article, you ask the big questions and you write about that? You look at the tone, meaning that they are trying to create. You have to assess the rhetoric, audience, purpose, organization, level of diction, level of register, etc....
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