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Religion April 1 Edwards - Louisiana's "Creationism Act"...

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Louisiana’s “Creationism Act” 1986-7 Must teach both if going to teach (creation/evolution) District courts determines that it violates the establishment clause US Supreme Court Similar to Epperson Concerned with teaching evolution Different from Epperson “Creation Science” people arguing for creation now from “scientific perspective” Example: Creation Research Society and Institute for Creation Research Claims they had a valid alternative theory, instead of using the bible as their proof Pg. 16 5 claims Senator Keith says: Evolution is “secular humanism” and is a religion Justice Brennan says: Statute endorses religious viewpoint, court should step in because its being taught to young kids they don’t have a choice (attendance is mandatory) and are impressionable, “only two” is not academic freedom, Lemon Test (3 prongs) to see if it violates the establishment clause pg.3 1) Law must have a secular purpose 2) Effect- shouldn’t endorse nor inhibit religion
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