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Psyc 500 notes jan22

Psyc 500 notes jan22 - Jan 22 The Science-Practitioner...

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Jan. 22 The Science-Practitioner Model Boulder conference (1949) 1 st time psychologists met to standardize clinical and research methods. Within psychology departments. Vail conference (1973) dissension about Boulder conference. Practitioner model, consumer of research not producer. The scientific method -pose question/problem -define terms -hypothesize solution -gather data (assessment) -analyze data -test hypothesis -draw conclusion Cognitive therapy-change thought patterns Behavior therapy-change actions and improves how one feels Why do research? Experts often disagree. Conflicting findings qualified results. Best treatment. Exceptions. Personal experiences to the contrary. Topics of research -nature of a disorder phenomenology….what are the symptoms? -incident rates how many new cases -prevalence rates how many people have it? One study says 40% of population experience depression at some point. -Associated features bad/good things ex) comorbidity ex)higher grades -risk factors typically considered bad….parental psychopathology…..high expressed emotion
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