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Reli 127 april 8

Reli 127 april 8 - can an average person could tell this...

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Behe trying to use scientific authority to bolster his argument, whereas, Hodge and Bryan used the bible and other religious authority for support of their argument. Why does Behe think he is not God of the Gaps? Because he believes irreducible complexity proves it’s not possible to explain by natural selection. Miller explains that they could be created by natural selection, and since it is possible (although not proven) it reduces Behe’s argument to God of the Gaps. Behe’s argument is dangerous because if you assume it’s not explainable then you stop looking for explanation and if your original presupposition is incorrect, then you never reach the truth. Dover Case What is different about this case? First case with Intelligent Design. Teaching evolution is not contested. What’s at stake: can the disclaimer be read? Section E.1 (Objective observer…) The endorsement test:
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Unformatted text preview: can an average person could tell this was is this advancing (endorsing) one particular religion? So is trying to establish that ID is creationism and therefore religious. Shows that ID “evolved” after creationism was shot down. Section E.2 and E.3 How will an objective observer interpret this disclaimer? It singles out Darwin’s theory and discriminated against it. Opting out policy, if they don’t teach it makes ID intriguing and mysterious. Are we learning it just to pass the test? Decision an objective student would find this disclaimer to be an endorsement of ID (which is just simply creationism repackaged) School board sent out a letter to the entire community about the policy (even those without students). Looking at what the newspaper, letters to the editor from Dover. So, even the Objective Dover Citizen will agree this is endorsement....
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