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Russell: Findings of modern science render any talk about the soul meaningless. Religious minded people have to go far off into incoherent abstraction. Warren Brown degrees: Instead non- reductive physicalism, biological basis’ but there is something more… For example, our thoughts are not just neurons firing. This idea is not reductive physicalism, as in there is no immaterial part of us we are strictly physical. The physical and spiritual realms are not separate, instead we have a capacity for soulishness. “Soul” is a noun vs. soulishness which is an attribute can be cultivated through personal relatedness, btwn each other, our communities, ourselves, and god. Gilman says eschatologies give us hope, the world around us doesn’t give us much reason to have hope.
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Unformatted text preview: On the topic of science and religion its not about facts, but instead we should ask what are the effects, what give us reasons for living thats all that matters. He believes that we all need hope and meaning for our lives. Without hope life is meaningless pg. 48. conflict is properly behind us vs kitcher, conflict is still there. Gilman thinks there is none b/c they do the same thing, trying to explain the world we see by referring to a world we do not see. Myth. Model. Metaphor Latour Thou shall not freeze-frame French guy, studies how we construct facts and what conditions create what kinds of truth....
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