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Clar 241 Images - shell, limestone, and lapis lazuli. Two...

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Terracotta female giving birth, first half 6th millennium Plastered human skull— Aceramic Neolithic Period (PPNA) Marble head of woman (Inanna?) found at Uruk "White Temple" Jemdet Nazar Victory stele ("Vulture Stele") of Eannatum of Lagash (ED III) Cylindrical alabaster vessel with relief scenes of offerings to Inanna, Uruk Jemdet Nazar Stele depicting man (twice) hunting lions Uruk, Jemdet Nazar Stone worshipper figurines from the temple (ED II) Square temple
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Ur Royal Cemetery (EDIII) Restoration of headdress and jewelry (gold and lapis lazuli) of a female attendant Headdress and jewelry of Queen Pu-Ab Lyre from Queen Pu-Ab’s grave Tree of life, fertility, gold with inlays of lapis lazuli So- called "Standard of Ur," with inlays of
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Unformatted text preview: shell, limestone, and lapis lazuli. Two sides: one side with warfare and other peaceful side with banqueting. Post-Akkadian Period (2230-2130) Seated Gudea from Telloh Proto-Neolithic (PPNA), ca. 9000-8500 Aceramic Neolithic (PPNB), ca. 8500-7000 (Pottery/Ceramic) Neolithic, 7000-4000 *In Mesopotamia, Ubaid Period, ca. 5900-4000 *In Anatolia, Chalcolithic Period, ca. 5600-3000 Uruk Period 4000-3100 Jemdet-Nasr 3100-2900 Early Dynastic (ED) I (ca. 2900-2750) Early Dynastic II (ca. 2750-2650) Early Dynastic III (ca. 2650-2370) Akkadian Period in Mesopotamia (2370-2230) Post-Akkadian Period (2230-2130) Third Dynasty of Ur (2130-2021) Early Bronze Age in Anatolia (3000-2000)...
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Clar 241 Images - shell, limestone, and lapis lazuli. Two...

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