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Psyc210 feb 28th - r ) 3) Convert r into t score 4) Find t...

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1) Explain when to use Pearson’s correlation. Interval-ratio variables 2) Explain, how does hypothesis testing work? 3) Identify the strength of a correlation. 4) Explain and compute R 2 . 5) Explain when to use Spearman correlation. Steps for testing the significance of Pearson correlation 1) Formulate the null and alternative hypothesis H O : p=0 2) Find Pearson’s correlation for the sample (
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Unformatted text preview: r ) 3) Convert r into t score 4) Find t critical value (need degrees of freedom N-2) (also, alpha and directionality) 5) Compare t observed with t critical value 6) Conclusion if observed t score is more extreme than t critical value, then you reject the null hypothesis...
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