Psyc 500 February 21

Psyc 500 February 21 - February 21, 2008 ADHD Associated...

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Unformatted text preview: February 21, 2008 ADHD Associated Characteristics Cognitive Deficits Deficits in executive functions Difficulty in applying intelligence (although usually have normal intelligence) Academic delays (25-35% retained, 10-25% expelled, 40% special ed placement) Learning disorders, especially in reading spelling and math (80% of kids with ADHD have LD) Distorted self perceptions Speech and Language Impairments Medical and Physical Concerns Sleep problems Impulsivity can cause accident-proneness and risky behaviors Social Problems Family problems, including negative interactions, child non-compliance, high parental control, maternal depression, paternal antisocial behavior, marital conflict Problems with peers Associated with ODD, CD, anxiety disorders, mood disorders Prevalence 3-5% of all school age kids More frequent in boys (3 times more likely) Referral differences for girls vs. boys DSM criteria may be more appropriate for boys Gender differences in community verses clinic samples Slightly more prevalent among lower SES groups Found in all countries and cultures, although rates vary (2% for girls in Japan, 20% of boys in India,...
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2008 for the course PSYC 500 taught by Professor Youngstrom during the Spring '08 term at UNC.

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Psyc 500 February 21 - February 21, 2008 ADHD Associated...

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