Neuroscience CH15 Neural Integration

Neuroscience CH15 Neural Integration - Behavioral...

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Behavioral Neuroscience Ch. 15 Neurological Disorders Tumor: mass of cells whose growth is uncontrolled and serves no useful function Malignant tumor: cancerous tumor; lacks a distinct border and may metastasize Benign tumor: noncancerous tumor; has distinct border and cannot metastasize Metastasis: process by which cells break off of a tumor, travel through the vascular system, and grow elsewhere in the body Glioma: cancerous brain tumor composed of one of several types of glial cells Meningioma: benign brain tumor composed of the cells that constitute the meninges Seizure disorder: epilepsy Convulsion: violent sequence of uncontrollable muscular movements caused by a seizure Partial seizure: begins at a focus and remains localized, not going to rest of brain Generalized seizure: involves most of the brain Simple partial seizure: starting from a focus and remaining localized, that does not produce loss of consciousness Complex partial seizure: remains localized and produces loss of consciousness Grand mal seizure: generalized, tonic-clonic seizure which results in a convulsion; includes motor systems of brain Aura: sensation that precedes a seizure; its exact nature depends on location of seizure focus Tonic phase: first phase of a grand mal seizure, in which all of patient’s skeletal muscles are contracted Clonic phase: patient shows rhythmic jerking movements Absence: type of seizure disorder often in children; characterized by periods of inattention, which are not subsequently remembered; aka petit mal seizure Status epilepticus: condition in which a patient undergoes a series of seizures w/out regaining consciousness Hemorrhagic stroke: cerebrovascular accident caused by rupture of a cerebral blood vessel Obstructive stroke: cerebrovascular accident caused by occlusion of a blood vessel Ischemia: interruption of blood supply to a region of the body
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Neuroscience CH15 Neural Integration - Behavioral...

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