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Jaclyn Mason ENG 105- J September 20, 2006 Assignment #1 Essay #1 The concept of there being many different types of gazes is something that I had never thought about before the Lutz and Collin’s essay. In fact I never even knew that there could be different types of gazes before the essay. When I thought about the different types of gazes that Lutz and Collins described I immediately thought of the culture of celebrities. Lutz and Collins said in their article that, “The photograph and the non- Western person share two fundamental attributes in the culturally tutored experience of most Americans; they are objects at which we look (Lutz, Collins).” 1 This quote applies perfectly to the American culture of “looking” at celebrities. Instead of referring to “the photograph and the non- Western person,” this concept can be applied to “the photograph and celebrities.” Celebrity magazines like US Weekly, OK Magazine, and Star are just a few examples of the cultural phenomenon that are tabloid magazines that serve to expose and document celebrities every move. Paparazzi are able to take so many pictures that they are able to fabricate stories that look like they pertain to the pictures even if the stories aren’t true, and often the American public believes these fabricated stories. As a result these magazines have created a special status for celebrities that has caused them to become something “other” than the typical American citizen. In all the tabloid magazines they have sections that include pictures of celebrities doing what is considered “normal.” In OK Magazine this type of section is called “Caught on Camera: Stars Get Real,” in US Weekly it is “Stars- They’re Just Like Us,” and in In Touch it is “Stars Are Real Too.” It is very ironic that when celebrities do 1 Composing Inquiry
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“normal” things it is worth publishing in a magazine. It is because of this fact that
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Eng- Essay #1 - Jaclyn Mason ENG 105- J September 20, 2006...

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