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Jaclyn Mason Journal #5: Are photographs important to you? Why or Why not? Photographs are important to me. I think that photographs are essential to remembering important memories like Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, vacations, and many more things. Photographs allow people to document important events in their life that they can look back upon. I think that one of the greatest things about photographs is to see how people grow over the years. I know that I love to look at my baby pictures among all the other ones when I was younger and compare them to how I look now because I think that it is amazing how people grow. I think that it is so cool that photographs are able to capture this. Not only do I like photographs because they document memories and the growth in people, but photographs of my family and friends
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Unformatted text preview: have become especially important to me now that I am across the country and can’t see them very often. I have photographs all over my dorm and they are a constant reminder of the great friends that I have and my amazing family. Being able to look at them through photographs gives me a sense of home when I am far away and that is very important to me. I also think that photographs are important because they allow people to share their experiences with you visually and you are able to have a connection to what they have experienced. I know that I am excited for when I go back home because I am going to be able to look at my friends from high school’s photographs of their experiences at college. Because of photographs I can see who their friends and see things that they have experienced at school....
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