Art Appreciation Notes #1

Art Appreciation Notes #1 - • Rodin – Famous Sculpture...

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Vocabulary Overlap – If You Can’t See Something, It’s Because It Is Behind Something. Horizon Line – Where The Ground/Land Meets The Sky Abstract Painting Vanishing Point – Where The Lines Meet At The Horizon Line (Creates Depth) Preliminary Painting – Quick Sketch Perspective Lines – Used To Determine The Height of & Spacing Between Trees, Fence Posts, etc… Elements of Art Straight Curve Diagonal Horizontal Vertical Contour Actual Line Implied Line Stipling Hatching Cross Hatching Contour Hatching Trompe l’ Oeil – To Trick The Eye Volume – Length x Width x Height Shape – Enclosed Parameter of Some Kind Mass – Bulk Rectilinear – Harsh Lines Curvilinear – Curve Lines To Form Smooth Edges o Biomorphic – Shapes of Something In Nature o Amorphous – No Shape Positive Space – Objects or Figures Represented In Works of Art Negative Space – Whatever Else is Left Over in The Composition
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Unformatted text preview: • Rodin – Famous Sculpture “The Thinker” • Figure Ground Reversals – What Do You See First? • Actual Texture – Something That is Tactical (You Can Touch) • Subversive Texture – Compels the Viewer To Look Again At An Object & To Think About It More Deeply • Implied Motion & Actual Motion = Time • Kinetic Art – Mobiles (Alexander Calder) • Stroboscopic Motion – Illusion of Movement • Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’ Avignon – Beginning of Cubism • Formal Symmetry – Same on Both Sides • Informal Symmetry – No The Same On Both Sides • Radial Balance – Round or Circle (Tires • The Islamic Mosque – The Candy Striped Arches • Hierarchal Scaling • Madonna & Child – Mary & Jesus • Pieta – Mary & Crucified Jesus • Pantheon – Rome (2000 Years Old, Has a Hole At The Top) • Partheon – Greece...
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Art Appreciation Notes #1 - • Rodin – Famous Sculpture...

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