Art Appreciation Notes #1

Art Appreciation Notes #1 - Rodin Famous Sculpture The...

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Vocabulary Overlap – If You Can’t See Something, It’s Because It Is Behind Something. Horizon Line – Where The Ground/Land Meets The Sky Abstract Painting Vanishing Point – Where The Lines Meet At The Horizon Line (Creates Depth) Preliminary Painting – Quick Sketch Perspective Lines – Used To Determine The Height of & Spacing Between Trees, Fence Posts, etc… Elements of Art Straight Curve Diagonal Horizontal Vertical Contour Actual Line Implied Line Stipling Hatching Cross Hatching Contour Hatching Trompe l’ Oeil – To Trick The Eye Volume – Length x Width x Height Shape – Enclosed Parameter of Some Kind Mass – Bulk Rectilinear – Harsh Lines Curvilinear – Curve Lines To Form Smooth Edges o Biomorphic – Shapes of Something In Nature o Amorphous – No Shape Positive Space – Objects or Figures Represented In Works of Art Negative Space – Whatever Else is Left Over in The Composition
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Unformatted text preview: Rodin Famous Sculpture The Thinker Figure Ground Reversals What Do You See First? Actual Texture Something That is Tactical (You Can Touch) Subversive Texture Compels the Viewer To Look Again At An Object & To Think About It More Deeply Implied Motion & Actual Motion = Time Kinetic Art Mobiles (Alexander Calder) Stroboscopic Motion Illusion of Movement Pablo Picassos Les Demoiselles D Avignon Beginning of Cubism Formal Symmetry Same on Both Sides Informal Symmetry No The Same On Both Sides Radial Balance Round or Circle (Tires The Islamic Mosque The Candy Striped Arches Hierarchal Scaling Madonna & Child Mary & Jesus Pieta Mary & Crucified Jesus Pantheon Rome (2000 Years Old, Has a Hole At The Top) Partheon Greece...
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Art Appreciation Notes #1 - Rodin Famous Sculpture The...

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