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Psychology Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Psychology Chapter 2 Vocabulary - Psychology Chapter 2...

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Psychology Chapter 2 Vocabulary 1. Scientific Method – A multistep technique that generates empirical knowledge – that is, knowledge derived from systematic observations of the world. 2. Operational Definitions – Definitions that specify how concepts can be observed and measured. 3. Descriptive Research – Methods designed to observe and describe behavior. 4. Reactivity – When behavior changes as a result of the observation process. 5. External Validity – The extent to which results generalize to other situations or are representative of real life. 6. Naturalistic Observation – A descriptive research technique that records naturally occurring behavior as opposed to behavior produced in the laboratory. 7. Case Study – A descriptive research technique in which the effort is focused on a single case, usually an individual. 8. Survey – A descriptive research technique designed to gather limited amounts of information from many people, usually by administering some kind of questionnaire.
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