Art Appreciation Notes #2

Art Appreciation Notes #2 - Icons Symbols Iconography The...

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Art Appreciation Notes Gradation – Color, Tone, and Size o Gradation is a Gradual Change Value Contrast – Degrees of difference between shades of gray. Gradation + Value Contrast = Modeling Form has 3 dimensions (Height, Length, and Width) Formal Criticism – Using visual Elements of Art to critique. Totality of Art Appropriate – Applying concept to a new time period. Levels of Content Subject Matter Elements and Composition Underlying or Symbolic Meanings or Themes Realistic – Naturalistic (Nature) - Realism - History Paintings Representational – Represents Often Figurative Roy Lichtenstein – Forget it! Forget Me! Abstract – No Objects, No Figures * Abstracted Mystery Cubism – 1900s - Pablo Picasso’s – Les Demoiselles D’ Avignon Icons
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Unformatted text preview: Icons Symbols Iconography The study of the themes and symbols in the visual arts the figures and images lend works their underlying meanings Infamous Stylized Portray The gold masks eyes B.C. Before Christ A.D. Year of our Lord (After Death) C.E. Common Error B.C.E. Before Common Error Most Common Christian Symbol (The Fish) Left and Right Hemispheres Left-Hemispere L-Mode (Dominant) *Verbal Naming Symbols Analytic Categoriphic Naming From Memory Age 10: - Develop Left Side (European Sailor) Right-Hemisphere LR-Mode (Subdominant) Spatial Holistic Non Verbal Altered State o Meditation o Drugs o Alcohol o Fasting o Chanting (Trukese Sailor)...
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Art Appreciation Notes #2 - Icons Symbols Iconography The...

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