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Art Appreciation Notes #2

Art Appreciation Notes #2 - Icons – Symbols •...

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Art Appreciation Notes Gradation – Color, Tone, and Size o Gradation is a Gradual Change Value Contrast – Degrees of difference between shades of gray. Gradation + Value Contrast = Modeling Form has 3 dimensions (Height, Length, and Width) Formal Criticism – Using visual Elements of Art to critique. Totality of Art Appropriate – Applying concept to a new time period. Levels of Content Subject Matter Elements and Composition Underlying or Symbolic Meanings or Themes Realistic – Naturalistic (Nature) - Realism - History Paintings Representational – Represents Often Figurative Roy Lichtenstein – Forget it! Forget Me! Abstract – No Objects, No Figures * Abstracted Mystery Cubism – 1900s - Pablo Picasso’s – Les Demoiselles D’ Avignon Icons
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Unformatted text preview: Icons – Symbols • Iconography – The study of the themes and symbols in the visual arts – the figures and images lend works their underlying meanings • Infamous • Stylized – Portray – The gold mask’s eyes • B.C. – Before Christ • A.D. – Year of our Lord (After Death) • C.E. – Common Error • B.C.E. – Before Common Error • Most Common Christian Symbol – (The Fish) Left and Right Hemispheres Left-Hemispere L-Mode (Dominant) *Verbal Naming Symbols Analytic Categoriphic Naming From Memory Age 10: - Develop Left Side (European Sailor) Right-Hemisphere LR-Mode (Subdominant) • Spatial • Holistic • Non Verbal • Altered State – o Meditation o Drugs o Alcohol o Fasting o Chanting (Trukese Sailor)...
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