Psychology Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Psychology Chapter 3 Vocabulary - Psychology Chapter 3...

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Psychology Chapter 3 Vocabulary 1. Neuroscience – An interdisciplinary field of study directed at understanding the brain and its relation to behavior. 2. Central Nervous System – The brain and the spinal cord. 3. Peripheral Nervous System – The network of nerves which links the central nervous system with the rest of the body. 4. Neurons – The cells in the nervous system that receive and transmit information. 5. Sensory Neurons – Cells that carry environmental messages toward the spinal cord and brain. 6. Interneurons – Cells that transfer information from one neuron to another; interneurons make no direct contact with the outside world. 7. Motor Neurons – Cells that carry information away from the central nervous system to the muscles and glands that directly produce behavior. 8. Glial Cells – Cells that fill in space between neuron, remove waste, or help neurons to communicate efficiently. 9. Myelin Sheath – An insulating material that protects the axon and helps to speed up neural transmission. 10. Reflexes – Largely automatic body reactions – such as knee jerk – that are controlled primarily by spinal cord pathways. 11. Dendrites – the fibers that extend outward from a neuron and receive information from other neurons. 12. Soma – The cell body of a neuron. 13. Axon – The long tail=like part of a neuron that serves as the cell’s transmitter. 14. Terminal Buttons – The tiny swellings at the end of the axon that contain chemicals important to neural transmission. 15. Synapse – The small gap between the terminal buttons of a neuron and the dendrite or cell body of another neuron. 16. Resting Potential – The tiny electrical charge in place between the inside and outside of the resting neuron. 17. Action Potential – The all-or-nothing electrical signal that travels down a
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Psychology Chapter 3 Vocabulary - Psychology Chapter 3...

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