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DC power lab

DC power lab - L,max = 39.669 Watts – P Gen = 72.72 Watts...

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DC Circuits: Electric Power By: Rory McPherson TA Jie Zhang Lab Partners: Mike Russell, Andrew Wallach
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Objective: Determine the load resistance number at which the power is optimized in a DC circuit experimentally. Procedure: R 0 was measured directly using the DMM in ohms keeping in mind to remove the effective internal resistance. The DC circuit was connected as I an V values were taken for increasing load resistance. The load resistance was increased in increments of 10 ohms from 10-100, then 20 ohms from 120-200, and then 100 ohms from 300-100. The power dissipated by the resistor was calculated for each value and a graph of power vs. load resistance was made. Using the graph, and the load resistance, a max power output was found. This was done with a load resistance of 100 ohms and 200 ohms. Results: R 0 = 100 Ohms – R L,max = 120 Ohms – P
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Unformatted text preview: L,max = 39.669 Watts – P Gen = 72.72 Watts R = 200 Ohms – R L,max = 200 Ohms – P L,max = 20 Watts – P Gen = 40 Watts Data Analysis: When the load resistance was at 100 Ohms, the estimated maximum was 120 Ohms. This value was higher than 100 because there was extra resistance in the power supply and the wires. When this value was used to calculate the maximum power, it ended up being about twice the value of the 200 Ohm load resistance. Also, for both resistance values, P L,max turned out to be about half the power generated. Conclusion: This experiment was intended to prove the theory that the load resistance should surpass the internal resistance of the power supply. After this experiment was performed and the data was analyzed it was found that this was proven experimentally....
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DC power lab - L,max = 39.669 Watts – P Gen = 72.72 Watts...

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