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unknown #4 - Coagulase Test Medium This test is to see if...

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Rory McPherson Unknown #4 4/14/08 Kendra Harris Introduction: This was an unknown experiment intended to differentiate between 3 types of Staphylococcus. The 3 types were: S. aureus, S. epidermis, and S. saprophyticus. In order to separate out which organism was present, 4 tests were performed. The tests were: Alpha Toxin, Mannitol, Coagulase, and Novo Biocin. Procedure: Alpha Toxin test: This test is intended to show if the organism produced an α-toxin that causes a wide, clear zone of beta hemolysis on the blood agar plate. Only S. aureus produces α -toxin, so this test is vital to determining, with certainty, which organism you have. Mannitol Salt Agar: This test is for selective isolation of coagulase-positive, mannitol- fermenting Staphylococcus . Mannitol fermentation by pathogenic staphylococci is indicated by a yellow halo surrounding the colonies. Sodium chloride is the inhibitory agent. Phenol red is the pH indicator.
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Unformatted text preview: Coagulase Test Medium: This test is to see if the organism causes coagulation. It contains citrated rabbit plasma which clots in the presence of the enzyme coagulase. Results: S. aureus S. epidermis S. saprophyticus Unknown #4 Alpha-Toxin +------Mannitol +--+--Coagulase +------Biotin Growth--+ NS + Novo Biocin + S R S After reviewing the results a determination was made that Unknown #4 was in fact S. epidermis. Conclusion: The intention of this experiment was to differentiate between 3 strains of staphylococci. In order to do this 4 tests were performed and the results were as shown. After reviewing all the results and comparing to known data, the unknown organism in tube #13 was found to be S. epidermis. The tests performed provided results that were felt to be accurate and this experiment should be considered a success with minimal error present....
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