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Unknown #1 test - Introduction There are several tests that...

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Introduction: There are several tests that can be done to determine an unknown bacterium. These tests work through a process of elimination, by putting the bacterium in different living conditions and recording how it responds to the respective environment. The most effective way to compare each unknown species is to then place them in a table and compare each result side by side. Procedure: Each test has a different purpose, there were eleven tests performed during this experiment, they were as follows: Durham Tube Sugar Fermentations: If an organism ferments sugar, acid is usually produced, as gas may also be an end product of the fermentation. The presence of acid is indicated by a change in color. Phenol Red is a pH indicator, in acidic conditions it turns from red to yellow in color. Also there is an inverted smaller tube in the mixture that detects if the bacteria is making gas or not, if the bacteria produces gas it will collect in the tube. There are 3 sugars that were used in this test, mannitol, lactose, and dextrose; the carbohydrates are then combined with a beef extract or peptone to satisfy the nitrogen requirement. Fluid Thioglycolate Media (FTM): This is a mixture that determines the oxygen requirements of the bacterium. A bacterium that is a strict aerobe will only have growth on the top, a facultative anaerobe will have growth throughout the tube, and a microaerophile will only have growth in the
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middle of the tube. Finally, a strict anaerobe will only have growth at or very near the
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Unknown #1 test - Introduction There are several tests that...

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