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Electric Field Plotting

Electric Field Plotting - For the second part use the...

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Objective: The objective of this lab will be to plot electric field points and use those points to determine the electric field lines. And finally to determine the equipotential lines and the corresponding electric field lines for a variety of arrangements of conductors in a plane. Procedure: There are 2 parts to this experiment, in the first part, take a single probe and measure 3 separate lines in 3 locations in between the electric parallel plates, also measure in 2 locations outside the parallel plates along the equipotential lines.
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Unformatted text preview: For the second part use the pattern that consists of the two dot electrode, measure to equipotential lines using the single lead probe. Then determine the magnitude and direction of the electric field at some locations around the paper with the fixed spacing assembly probe. Be sure not to touch the paper in the area that you are measuring as this will potentially affect the readings in that region....
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