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15.1 Neutralization Reactions Strong Acid-Strong Base HCl + NaOH H2O + NaCl HCl, NaOH, NaCl are all completely dissociated, the net ionic equation for the neutralization reaction is: H3O+ + OH- 2 H2O Reaction essentially goes 100% to completion. The pH is 7. Weak Acid-Strong Base HA + OH- H2O + A- Goes to completion, pH> 7 Kn= (Ka/Kw) Strong Acid-Weak Base
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Unformatted text preview: H3O+ + B H2O + BH+ Goes to completion, pH <7 Kn= (Kb)(1/Kw) Weak Acid- Weak Base Less than half way to completion Kn = (Ka)(Kb)(1/Kw) Ka= [H3O+][A-]/[HA] Kb=[BH+][OH-]/[B] *the tendency to go to completion is determined by the magnitude of Kn. The larger the value of Kn, the further does the reaction proceed to completion....
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