Stock Market Project

Stock Market Project - and sales) during the semester. 8)...

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Stock Market Project 1) Each group will be issued $300,000 of “play money” to invest in the stock market. 2) Group will purchase three major stocks ($100,000 each) that represent three different sectors of the economy. 3) Group will identify the name of the companies and their stock symbols. 4) The stocks will be tracked on graph paper or via computer program, on a weekly basis. 5) The name of the game is to try to gain a positive return on their investment. 6) The group at their discretion may trade their stock for higher performing stock at anytime. 7) Group must maintain a record of all transactions (purchases
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Unformatted text preview: and sales) during the semester. 8) At the established timeframe, the group will write a synopsis of the results including the following: • Name of the companies under analysis. • A financial analysis of the purchased stock. ➢ Initial investment ➢ Commission Costs ➢ Ending Balances • What economic trends influenced the increase or decrease of the initial investment? • Would the group recommend the purchase of the stocks analyzed during the semester? Why or why not? • What would they do different if given the opportunity. • Copy of the graph indicating the weekly analysis of the stocks....
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Stock Market Project - and sales) during the semester. 8)...

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