Chapter 10 - -job description*Recruiting Employees-internal...

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Chapter 10 *Human Resources Management -acquiring -maintaining -developing -training -compensation *Functions of HR -planning for staffing needs -recruiting and hiring -training and development -appraising and retaining *Forecasting Demands -predicted sales -expected turnover rate -workforce’s skill level -impending strategic decisions -changes in technology -company’s financial status -status of key employees *Forecasting Supply
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-existing workers -temporary workers -outsourcing *Evaluating Job Requirements -job analysis -job specifications
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Unformatted text preview: -job description *Recruiting Employees-internal searches-employment agencies-trade shows-newspaper ads-union halls-headhunters-internet ads-colleges-referrals *The Hiring Process-1. Select qualified candidates-2. Screen candidates-3. Conduct interviews-4. Evaluate candidates-5. Check references-6. Select the best candidate *Hiring and the Law-Equal Employment Opportunity-Negligent Hiring-Immigration Reform and Control Act *Pre-employment Testing-Job-skills-psychological-drugs and alcohol...
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Chapter 10 - -job description*Recruiting Employees-internal...

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