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1. What’s the reason behind organizational structures and charts? Organization structure- Framework enabling managers to divide responsibilities, ensure employee accountability, and distribute decision-making authority. Organization chart- Diagram showing how employees and tasks are grouped and where the lines of communication and authority flow. 2. Know diff between formal and informal organizations. Formal organization- A framework officially established by managers for accomplishing tasks that lead to achieving the organization’s goals….professional. Informal organization- Network of informal employee interactions that are not defined by the formal structure….unprofessional, more of a friendly based. 3. Know about work specialization Work specialization- Specialization in or responsibility for some portion of an organization’s overall work tasks; also called division of labor. 4. Line and staff organizations Line organization- Chain-of-command system that establishes a clear line of authority flowing from the top down. Line-and-staff organization- Organization system that has a clear chain of command but that also includes functional groups of people who provide advice and specialized services. 5. Centralized vs. decentralized structures Centralized- Concentration of decision-making authority at the top of the organization. Decentralized- Delegation of decision-making authority to employees in lower-level positions. 6. Know different types of departments…function, division, matrix, and network.
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Functional structure- Grouping workers according to their similar skills, resource use, and expertise. Divisional structure- Grouping departments according to similarities in product, process, customer, or geography. Matrix structure- Structure in which employees are assigned to both a functional group and a project team (thus using functional and divisional patterns simultaneously). Network structure- Structure in which individual companies are connected electronically to perform selected tasks for a small headquarters organization. Hybrid structure- Structure designs that combine elements of functional, divisional, matrix, and network organizations. 7. Difference between functional structures vs. divisional vs. network vs. matrix structures.
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test questions all - 1 What's the reason behind...

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