test5 - TEST 5 (phy 240) 1. a) Write the zeroth law of...

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5 (phy 240) 1. a) Write the zeroth law of thermodynamics. b) What is thermal conductivity? c) Identifying all processes, draw schematically a PV diagram of the Carnot cycle. d) What is the efficiency of an engine and what is the coefficient of performance of a refrigerator. 2. Show that the volume coefficient of thermal expansion for an ideal gas at constant pressure is temperature dependent and given by ( 29 b T T = 1 where T is the temperature of the gas expressed in the Kelvin scale. (Hint. Use the definition of the coefficient of thermal expansion and the equation of state for an ideal gas: PV = nRT) 3. One mole of an ideal gas, with an initial temperature of T i , expands isothermally from V i to V f (> V i ). a) How much work does the gas perform in the process? b) How much heat is delivered to the gas? c) Determine the change in the entropy of the gas. = K mol J 31 . 8 R 4. You add 20g of 5 ° C cream to 200g of 60 ° C coffee. Considering both liquids practically being water, their specific heat is 4.2 J/gK and is constant in the considered temperature range. a) Show that the final temperature of the mixture is 55 ° C? (Ignore the cup and the atmosphere.) b) How much heat was transferred between the two liquids? c) Calculate the amount of entropy produced in the process.
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test5 - TEST 5 (phy 240) 1. a) Write the zeroth law of...

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