test3 - Test 3 phy 240 1 a Write the definition of...

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Test 3 phy 240 1. a) Write the definition of work (performed on a particle). b) Identify the work in each version of the work-energy theorem listed on the next page. c) Define impulse. d) Justify each step in the law of momentum conservation 0 F F p p P i i r r r r r r 5 i i j ij 4 i i , net 3 i 2 i 1 dt d dt d dt d = ∑∑ = = = = 2. A 50-kg skier starts from rest at the top (A) of an almost frictionless incline of height 20 m as shown in the attached figure. At the bottom of the incline (B), she encounters a horizontal surface where the coefficient of kinetic friction between the skis and the snow is 0.2. Ignoring the effect of interaction with the air, determine a) the gravitational work performed on the skier (her center of mass) between the top (A) of the hill and the location where she stopped (C), b) the frictional work along this path, c) the distance she traveled on the horizontal surface before coming to rest? 3. A 2-kg particle has a velocity of (2 i -3 j ) m/s and a 3.kg particle has a velocity of 1 i m/s. Determine a) the total momentum of the system, b) the total kinetic energy of the system, c) the translational kinetic energy of the system 4. A force F = (2N/m)y i + (1N/m)x j ) is exerted on a particle as it moves with constant velocity from the origin to point [2,2]m. a) Mark the force at the location indicated in the attached figure.
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test3 - Test 3 phy 240 1 a Write the definition of...

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