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Current Event Speech Introduction: How many people in here receive KEES money? How many people would like to see %15 of their keys money be taken away from them? Point 1: There is talk going on that up to %15 of scholarship money given out will be taken away from students. I personally do not think that is at all fair. As People were told that they were going to be receiving that amount of money, and to take it away could become a really big burden for certain individuals. Point 2: I’ve also heard talk going on about tuition being raised up to %15. A lot of college students have to work so that they have enough money to go to college. Increasing tuition will only put more stress on students because they will have to work more. The more a
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Unformatted text preview: student works, the less time they will have to focus on schoolwork. It seems like our government is setting us up to fail. Point 3: I work about 20 hours a week right now to pay for the part of college that my parents cant afford. If tuition is raised and some of my KEES money is taken away, I dont know what I will do. How will I be able to fit more work time into my already crammed schedule? Between work, school, homework, meetings, and attempting to have a social life, I dont have any more time to add more work hours into my schedule. Wrap up: I dont know how to wrap this up...
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