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PY110 Syllabus JEFFERSON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SHELBYVILLE CAMPUS Fall 2007 PY110-5901 PY 110 General Psychology Instructor: Autumn Betts, M.S.W. Shelby Campus Office: Room 113H Monday 5:45-8:15 Phone: 502 213-3638 Room 102A Three credit hours [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION: General Psychology (PY 110) is a survey course in general psychology designed to give the student an introduction to the history, methods and content of modern psychology. PY 110 provides an introduction to the study of behavior and mental processes. No prerequisite is needed. This course meets the requirements for the social interaction component of an associates or arts or an associates of science degree. This course supports the college’s mission to offer courses designed to prepare individuals to excel in baccalaureate programs at senior colleges and universities. This course is normally transferable to most other institutions. Be aware that all decisions about course equivalencies rest with the institution to which the student is transferring. Be sure to keep your syllabus, it may serve as documentation of course requirements and content. It is also expected that students will be aware of ways they may apply their knowledge and understanding to practical situations. Opportunities to demonstrate such knowledge and understanding will be via class discussions, on written assignment and on exams. TEXT: Hockenbury and Hockenbury (2005). Psychology. Fourth Edition. Worth Publishing. ISBN: 0-7167-6446-6 Additional materials: clay, note cards, markers, binder OBJECTIVES: By the end of the course the student should be able to: 1
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PY110 Syllabus 1. Possess a solid foundation of knowledge of the fundamentals of psychology. This requires that students learn psychological theories, perspectives, research methods, and research findings and be able to apply this information. 2. Understand the theoretical and methodological aspects in studying psychology. 3. Understand and recognize the psychological, social and biological processes underlying behavior. 4. Better understand him/herself through improved self-knowledge. 5. Apply fundamental theories and processes to real-life situations WITHDRAWALS: Please see your instructor if you plan to withdraw. Be aware that you are responsible for following college policy on withdrawing. Please see the JCC Class Schedule for details. Remember after midterm, October 13, you must obtain your instructor’s signed permission to receive a “W”. PROTOCOL for STUDENT COMPLAINTS
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psynight - PY110 Syllabus JEFFERSON COMMUNITY COLLEGE...

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