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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind review

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind review - Michael...

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Michael Gondry’s Oscar-winning film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , is a spectacular science fiction love story. Joel Barish (Jim Carey) is an every day, average Joe kind of guy who meets and falls in love with a girl named Clementine (Katie Winslet) who is a free spirited, bright, and emotional individual. Following this movie the first time through can be a difficult task, as it jumps back and forth from the past to present without the audience knowing until later in the movie. But the contrast of Joel and Clementine’s relationship, along with other odd characters introduced throughout the movie keep viewers interested and wanting more. If you are watching it and get confused, just enjoy the movie as it comes and rest assure that the ending ties everything together very well. A big portion of the film takes place in Joel’s mind as the procedure is underway. As the memories of Joel and Clementine’s relationship are slowly stripped away from his most recent memories to the time they met, Joel realizes that he is still in love with Clementine and he wants to keep the memories. This is how the combined writing of Gondry, Charlie Kaufman, and Pierre Bismuth come through with Gondry’s masterful directing. Joel realizes that he can “hide” the memories in other parts of his brain, making the process much more difficult for the technician performing the operation. Unfortunately for Joel, he can hide in other parts of his memory for a while, but eventually all of his memories of Clementine are erased. However, all is not lost for Joel and Clementine, as the next day Joel spontaneously skips work and hops a train to Montauk. On the train ride, he runs into the love of his life who, in his mind, he had never met. Once again, the two hit it off and when the train gets back, they leave together. The “new” romance then meets it’s first
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hurdle when the two are informed of their past relationship after an employee of the memory-erasing office sends out all the files back to the people who had no idea they had their memories erased. Carry’s and Winslet’s chemistry in this movie is phenomenal. Throughout the whole movie, you will without a doubt feel like you are witnessing a real-life odd, but crazy over one another couple. Winslet plays her character, Clementine, perfectly. She is a bit whacky, speaks her mind, is blunt and all over the place. Her hair changes shades of neon colors throughout the movie, which reflects her weird personality. Her apartment is
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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind review - Michael...

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