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death penalty

death penalty - Zoeller 1 Kristen Zoeller Jill Erwin...

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Zoeller 1 Kristen Zoeller Jill Erwin English 101 26 November 2007 Capital Punishment The death penalty has been practiced throughout history since the beginning of human civilization. The question is: Should it still be around? Many people would argue that it should not be. When you consider the points of how much money it costs to keep the death penalty maintained, the percentage of people with untreated mental illnesses who commit crimes, and the chance of putting someone who is innocent on death row, it’s hard to support the claim that capital punishment is a necessary thing. One of the more obvious reasons many people do not support the death penalty is because at times innocent people have been killed on death row. According to amnesty.org, ever since 1973, 124 prisoners who were sentenced to death have been released after evidence proved that they were indeed innocent of the crimes of which they were convicted. If proof of their innocence had not come about when it did, all of those innocent people could have unjustly lost their lives at the hands of our government. In most cases where people are sentenced to death, you will never know 100% if someone is guilty of committing the crime they are sentenced for or not. Should our government be allowed to just assume that they have enough proof that someone is guilty and put them on death row, and take the chance that the person could be innocent? A fact that many people would like to know is, how many innocent people have been killed on death row? No one could ever know the true number, because some
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Zoeller 2 innocent people may have never been proven innocent. All we can do is look at the proven innocent statistics. According to antideathpenalty.org, since 1973 118 people have been found innocent after being executed on death row. This statistic shows that people need to realize that as long as the death penalty is legal, the risk of executing innocent people will never be eliminated. Mental illnesses are another reason that people look down upon the death penalty. Many people who commit serious and harmful crimes have untreated mental illnesses. Mental health, just as physical health, is needed to live a stable and balanced life.
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death penalty - Zoeller 1 Kristen Zoeller Jill Erwin...

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