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communication journal entries - My two managers at work are...

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My two managers at work are constantly talking behind one another’s backs. Pat will complain about Travis’s close, and will say that “nothing was done right.” He will complain that the ice was not filled, the grill wasn’t clean enough for him, or that the napkins were not stocked. Travis comes in after Pat has opened the store and say that “the place is a mess!” He will complain that there are too many dirty dishes, not enough ham sliced, or that the shelves aren’t stocked to his liking. They always tell each other that the other employees don’t like them as well as the other, or that their job is on the line because the other is so lazy. I believe that all this bad mouthing each other is not because they hate each other, but because their home lives are so stressful. Travis’s wife has been cheating on him, which is tearing their family apart. It was apparently a very big shock for him, and he’s having a really hard time coping with it. Pat has already been through a divorce because he caught his wife cheating on him, and now he is fighting to keep custody of his son. Although when they bitch about the other, they seem to despise the other, when they actually sit down and talk to each other it’s like they are brothers. They talk about the hard times their having at home, and give one another advice. I think they need each other to talk to, and it’s good for them to have someone to relate to. My friend, Hector, has some problems. He has multiple personality disorder, depression, and severe rage issues. Although he has these struggles in his life, he has reached a point where he
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can control his behaviors, and is much more pleasant to be around than when I first met him. The first time I encountered Hector was two years ago. Many people didn’t like him, but there was just something about him that made me want t get to know him. We became good friends quickly, and he started opening up to me. He told me that he didn’t feel normal, and sometimes couldn’t control how he acted. I convinced him to o see a psychologist, and that’s when he was diagnosed. The first year of uncovering his personalities, learning to control his rage, and moving away from his depression were very hard for him. But he worked hard at it. He wanted to be more compassionate, and put together. That is who Hector is today: whole, strong, and together. He still struggles of course, but he is determined to live a normal healthy life, and I am very proud of him. I know a boy who likes to pretend that he is very confident, when he really isn’t confident at all. Kevin was in an acting class that I took a couple of years ago. Everything our teacher taught us about acting, he claimed he “already knew,” and whenever she would talk about different character roles, he would say that he had “already played that part a million times.” After a few weeks of class, we had a big project coming up where we were all going to act out individual scripts in front of an audience. Everyone practiced, and
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communication journal entries - My two managers at work are...

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