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The Purpose of the University Eth- ics Committee The charter given to the members of the University Ethics Committee is to “Fill the seats of judgment with just people, but not so absolute in justice as to forget what human frailty is”. It is important that the members remember those words when consid- ering how Alexandra should be treated. However, the members of the committee should also remember the greater purpose of the university, to provide a high quality education, to as many students as possible. Students like Alexandra attend the university to gain an education, to excel and to improve their lives. The university may perform other roles in students lives and in the community, but education is it’s fundamental purpose. Pun- ishing Alexandra harshly, making an example of her, does not serve the larger purpose of the university. Dismissal or a period of academic suspension would only decrease the quality and quantity of eduction Alexandra will be able to receive during her time here. However, to preserve the standards of education, and uphold the purpose of this com- mittee we must show Alexandra, and the student body, that plagiarism will not be toler- ated. To best uphold the charter of this committee, and the promote education, Alexan- dra should receive a failing grade on the paper and the course, but the committee should not cause long term damage to her educational process. Alexandra may be able to retake the course, or makeup the credit in some other way, therefore loosing credit for the course may not cause irreversible harm to her education. However, expelling her from the university, or suspending her attendance for any period of time will discourage her from returning this or another educational institution, taking away her promise for a bright future. 1
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Alexandra, claims that there are many factors in her personal life to her leading to her failure to meet the assignment deadline, and plagiarizing the paper. Alex- andra does not claim innocence in this matter, it was her decision to deceive her pro- fessor and attempt to turn in work that was not hers. Despite her clear academic record, and her outstanding grades, she was both aware of the rules regarding plagiarism, and
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WRTG-3020 Education_Authority, University Ethics - The...

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