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The Institutionalization of Society, Critique of Ivan Illich Ivan Illich in "De-schooling Society" makes the claim that society ought to eliminate the educational system, replacing school institutions, in order to remove the contribution traditional schooling make to the process of global degradation and modernized misery (3). Illich claims that the institutionalization of values, by the education system, leads to, "physical pollution, social polarization and psychological impotence," factors that contribute to the degradation of society. In this paper I am going to focus on one on the ways institutionalized schooling contributes to degradation and misery. The education system, according to Illich, socializes individuals to act in accordance with the political ideology of the technocratic leadership. To what degree do the objections, raised by Illich, explain how the educational system contributes to intentional and targeted socialization? It appears that the failures of the education system, concerns raised by Illich, about the failures of the education system, could also be interpreted as the steps towards creating a well managed, and easily satisfied citizenship. The intention of this essay is to identify and critique the criticisms raised by Illich and see how those aspects of the education system may acutely be targeted at managing the population instead of creating a learning environment that best serves the interests of the students. Illich claims that schools socialize pupils to confuse the processes of eduction, teaching, grade advancement, earning of a diploma and fluency are confused with personal advancement (2). The pupil develops and understanding, or is "schooled" to see a service, provided by the institutions, as equal to learning. In this same way, illich argues that schools educate students to see society as a series of services provided by institutions (2). The institution oriented teaching by schools teaches students that medical treatment is provided by health care institutions, safety provided by the police, national security provided by the military, and wages provided by big business (Illich, 2). All these institutions must be financially supported, and the institutionalization of every aspect of citizen life 1
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implies to students that; to be a good citizen is to support the institutions that supply services. According to Illich, "health, learning, dignity, independence, and creative endeavor are defined as little more than the performance of the institutions which claim to serve these ends" (2). Welfare bureaucracies, according to Illich, define the desires of the population, equating the needs of the people to products or services the bureaucracy is able to provide (3). Illich observes that once the bureaucracy is able to translate basic needs into a demand for "scientifically produced commodities, poverty is defined by standards which the technocrats can change at will" (4). The institutions are first
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WRTG-3020 Education_Authority, Illich - The of Society...

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