PSCI-3193 International Behavior Class Notes

PSCI-3193 International Behavior Class Notes - PSCI-3193...

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PSCI-3193 International Behavior 1 General Notes Reading Access, PSCI 3193 ; easecurity New media rescarch for presentations only. Wed, Oct 31st. 2:22 Media Analysis Content, What kinds of issues, How are those issues framed (directed) Style, Propaganda, Profesional, Sarstional, Critical. Credibility Overall impressions. Rescarch paper, on the same topic as new media presentations. 10-15 pg paper, 10- 20 acidemic resources, 2 1 8/29 East Asian Historical Context. China 200 BC China, "Middle Kingdom" considering outside barbarians. 1421 China, most advanced sea technology, emptier build huge ships, sending out to explore globe, carrying wealth and guns. Discovering Australia, Africa, Possibly Europe. at the same time, Europeans failed to navigate without accurate long and lat. Chinese had a complex system based on relationship to North star, and poles. (Book, 1421 ) claims china not only navigated to europe and arfice, but also North America, Antarctica, and North pole. Charts made by chinese enabled Europeans to do the save sea navigations. 1422 After Forbidden City was burned, overthrowing power hide evidence of ships, and explorations, 1800 China dominant power in area for almost 2000 years, was a closed environment, along with japan, closed economies. When China and Japan make contact with the West. 1800's Briton running high trade deafest, trading for more tea than trading away to China. In response the British promote the trade of Opium to China, creating addiction in China. 1839-42, Reaction from China, attempting to stop opium trade, resulting in the 1st of the two opium war, British impose unequal treaties aginst China after wining first opium war. Giving the British a much better deal, and the creation of trading centers like Hong Kong, and the European powers carving out portions on Chinese territories. 1895-05, Japanese/China war, Japanese victory, China losing to much small country 1931 Japanese invade and colonize northern China, lasting till 1945 and end of WW2. 1945 Communists party comes to power in China with Mao in power. "China has stood up" Century of Humiliation 1st opium war to end of WW2. 1839-1949, After century, goal the make China strong,
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Communists period 1945-78, when Communism was strongest in China. Growing economey, recovering from Century of Humiliation. Japan 200 BC to 1839 Closed economy, Closed country. 1853 West demands with ships to open Japan to economic trade, face to face with the west. Timing issue, different between China and Japan, with China being the big fish,
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PSCI-3193 International Behavior Class Notes - PSCI-3193...

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