PSYC 2012 - Test 1 Study Guide

PSYC 2012 - Test 1 Study Guide - Biological Psychology Test...

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Biological Psychology Test 1 Study Guide This is essentially a list of questions that TAs have derived from the lectures based on what they think are some of the main concepts. This is not a comprehensive list of what may be on the test. Use this as a study tool to help you recognize areas you may not understand. It is NOT a substitute for you own studying. 1. What is dualism? 2. Describe 3 different kinds of monism. Give your own example of the identity position. 3. What determines whether you will become conscious of a stimulus? 4. Explain how twin studies are used to study the heritability of traits. 5. What does DNA encode for? 6. What are two sources of genetic variation? 7. What is the relationship between genes and environment? 8. What is the multiplier effect? 9. Why are animal models useful? What are some drawbacks? 10.What kinds of restrictions are placed on animal research? 11.Why is animal research helpful if our brains are not exactly like theirs? Neurons and Neuron communication 12.Describe the parts of a neuron and the order of information flow in a neuron. 13.What is the difference between an axon and a dendrite? 14.Describe the properties of a neuron’s cell membrane. Why is this composition important? 15.What kind of molecules can freely diffuse across the membrane? How do other molecules enter a neuron? 16.Is information in the axon a chemical signal or an electrical signal? How does information cross the synapse? 17.What are vesicles and where are they located? 18.Define efferent and afferent. 19.Describe a sensory neuron. 20.How many neurons are there? How many glia? 21.Name and describe the different kinds of glial cells and their functions? 22.What is the blood brain barrier (BBB)?
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PSYC 2012 - Test 1 Study Guide - Biological Psychology Test...

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