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PSCI-3061 State and Local Government Class Notes - Topic 1...

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Topic 1 8/29 - Comparative Analysis, State social enviorment. Elzors classification of states. Based on the kinds of people who originally settled those states (Text book, Political Cultures at a Glance Table 1.2) Moralists, Individualistic, Moralistic, Gov should seek to promote public interests, high tax, provide for the people. Individualistic, Gov just another entity within the state, along with commercial. Professional politics. State may not provide welfare to the poor, personal responsibility of individuals Traditionalistic, Gov should maintain the traditional role of the Gov. Politics left to elite. Contributes to comparative, which is the best state for Women? However requires defining "Best" high: Vermont, Moralistic, Political opportunities low: Missippi, Traditionalistic, Low Political opertunities, crime, ect. Due to, political culture, women involved in political system, economey, education medical programs, Sociodemographics; Characteristics of a population, size age, ethnicity, size of a population, outcomes on political issues, Welfare, Affirmative Action, Bilingual education. ect. State Economy, Variations in Per Capita Gross Product from $26,000 (MS) to $64,000 (DE). Different priorities in diffrent industries, Fact: Wealther states spend less per capita on higher education. Why? Geography, contributes to policy, enviorments that the local government is required to manage. 2 8/31 - Devolution and Laboratories for Democracy Davolution, transfer of power from the federal government to state and local governments, Tradeoff, Increase policy discretion, and autonomy, Decreases federal fin sypport. Welfare Reform act 1996 TANF, Give states additional ability to choose federal programs, gives the state the ability to choose how to distribute federal program funding. SCHIP, Federal program, admined by federal healthcare, providing funding to state to insure that uninsured chrildern have HC, federal to state, and distrubuted by the state. Results: Lower levels of individuals on welfare rolls. Race to the bottom, states avoiding providing benifets. Racial and Ethnic Determinants, ie Low benifets in states
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where the majority of poor in that state are minorities. Laboratories for Democracy Testing policy in the states States allow policy creativity and policy innovation Provide an avenue for policy experimentation before elevated to federal level. Can promote "Diffusion" ok policies, between states and from state level to federal lever, learning about the result of policy changes Federal policy initated in the states, Medicare Reform, Energy Reform, Immigrant Reform.Policy ideas formed at state level, then elevated, or modeled on at the federal state. Articles Discussion, CA Ballot, Tabor.
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PSCI-3061 State and Local Government Class Notes - Topic 1...

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